I turned my break up with my ex-girlfriend into a clothing line called 1 4 3.

Designer Alfred Lape turned his heart break with his ex-girlfriend into a clothing line called 143 (A numerical representation of the expression “I love you,” term used by couples with pagers in the 90’s).

His themes in his clothing describes the mistakes he’s made with HER and how he took her for granted. B/c of HER, it made him a better person and better himself. Alfred read a lot of self help books about relationships, women’s psychology, & seduction so he wouldn’t make the same mistakes again.

“1 4 3 is an idea I’ve been working on because she is my inspiration. It’s the story of love; The first date, first kiss, the break up, make up, good times, bad times, first hello, & final goodbye.

In a time when technology creates disconnection, we connect through- how we communicate visually, to each caption copy, quotes we curate, the design of each garment, and who we choose to represent our brand.

There are so many companies that don’t mean anything, stand for something, or contribute something real. In a world where sometimes you still aren’t valued, I have an adoration and appreciation for your existence.”



Instagram: @alfred.lape

Instagram: @143_one_four_three



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