Shazam is one of the world’s most popular apps, used by more than 100 million people each month to identify music, get song lyrics, and now to discover the music that artists discover themselves.

I redesigned the Shazam app for fun because I love music and I use it regularly to discover new songs I’m curious about. It took me 2 months to finish this project. I spoke with users and I discovered that users main pain point was not being able to Shazam on Instagram story.



I was responsible for every aspect of design— heuristic analysis, surveys, interviews, creating an affinity diagram, sketching concepts, personas, and low/high fidelity prototypes, etc.


I went through and used the Shazam app and noted any observations I made. I included possible solutions for a more intuitive experience.


The common pattern and pain point was users not being able to Shazam during an Instagram story. Other challenges I discovered was not being able to Shazam at parties when people are speaking in the room, Shazam not working on iPhone X, and not being able to recognize podcasts, etc.


I organized and grouped all the pain points users had challenges with so I can better understand and empathize to find a solution. I grouped the pain points into 3 categories—functionality with the app, problems with the features, and account issues.


I created personas based on the research. I grouped each kind of person to be more targeted to cater to the user needs. Jennifer is grouped with people who go to every music festivals like Coachella.


From the research, some of the challenges users faced included: not being able to Shazam at a party when people are talking, Shazam not being able to recognize DJ remixes, not being able to recognize podcasts, etc.

There was a pattern with the data and I noticed users wanted to discover music on Instagram story, so I decided to find a solution. Users are having a tough time finding out what awesome song is playing on Instagram story.  I have had that problem as well and I would solve it by grabbing an old iPhone to Shazam an Instagram story on my current phone. But most of the time my old iPhone battery is dead and it would take some time to charge my phone.

When my iPhone battery is dead, I screen record the Instagram story and text myself through my MacBook laptop and use my iPhone to Shazam since I can’t do it at the same time.


Knowing users pain point of having a hard time finding out an amazing song they hear on their Instagram story, I sketched out different variations of how users can Shazam while being on an Instagram story.

I was inspired by how you can screen record on an iPhone and I had a thought that a way users can discover what song is playing on Instagram story could be the same way a person screen records.

To record an Instagram story: I swipe up > tap the record icon > tap the red rectangle at the top of the screen to stop recording. When the user is on Instagram story, they can swipe up and tap the Shazam icon and find out the song name.


I tested the design with my friends and they found it easy to use. One thing I kept thinking about was “how” to technically make this happen.  I just designed a solution without thinking about the “how.”

When users swipe up and look for the Shazam icon, the icons are normally of Apple’s icons and currently not integrating non-Apple apps. I’m not sure of the business and technicality of making this design happen between Apple and Shazam.

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